Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ticked off.

Hey. How's 2018 treating you so far? I was playing with my apps in my phone and I came across this bucket list that I made a year ago, I think. So, I just thought it might be fine to share it here. It feels so surreal that I've ticked off some of the things that I really wanted to do before I die just before 2017 ended (no, I'm not dying but it's called a life bucket list for a reason). When I made that list long time ago, I thought that nah, I wouldn't tick off any of those. But, when I finally did, it made me realized that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it. Haha, I'm sorry for the not-updated date since I just ticked those off just now. 

Except now I need to make some clarification to avoid misunderstanding, probably also for me to read this post back in 10 years from now. I tend to forget easily right in the future, who knows. Regarding the Italy trip, I thought that I might end up going there soon when I'm married. But, it got 10 times better that I managed to do it with my friends and I feel so glad to share the experience with them. Well maybe someday, I'll go with someone special okay. You know, people were right about it's not about the place, it's the people who make you feel at home.

I hope 2018 will be continuously treating everyone good.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bring it on.

Hello, people.

Where did the time fly so fast? Come on, it's 2018 already! It feels odd that I am now away from my family for the New Year's Eve. Every 1st of January in the morning, I would wake up in the morning just to tell jokes like "hey it's been a year I've been sleeping" to my family and they will get annoyed. I know you would say it's a lame joke but yeah, they just bear with it. Celebrating New Year's Eve every year is just the same at home, probably ever since my siblings are all grown up, we don't go all the way to KL to watch the fireworks anymore. But in Bristol, it's just so different that my flat feels so empty because people went back home to celebrate Christmas Day and followed by New Year's Eve. What I love about this holiday season, they also gave us wish cards which I think that's very thoughtful of them to do so. Hence, we also replied their wishes by sliding the cards under the door and we think that's cute!

I would say that I ended 2017 gracefully. I went to Italy during the winter break with my friends from college. Even though we had a bad start, but the whole journey made it all worth it in the end. I am so happy that we survived in Italy with complete strangers with zero English. We just couldn't believe that we actually went to Italy - just the four of us, I would add, just girls. I feel so relieved that I managed to explore Italy and planned the whole trip by ourselves. It's quite an experience for us and we sure had a lot to learn from this trip. I usually just waited for my mum to join her for any holiday trip, but this time around, it was all at our own risk. No tour guide, no guaranteed insurance, just us girls. I would say that it was a success that we are still alive now.

Despite all these joy, I also got a shocking news 3 days ago. My mother got admitted in the hospital which I am very worried about. It's nothing serious so far since further check-up by the doctor will be done soon. I hope everything will be just fine for her. Knowing that there's nothing I can do now sucks that I can't be there for her. But one thing that I know is she is one strong woman and she'll do anything to get back on her feet and discharge faster because she can't eat anything she wants now. Wishing you a Get Well Soon, Ibu! 

Also, I have final term exam in 10 days' time. I haven't studied a thing yet because I basically don't know where and how to start. I should probably start now, Mum would be freaked out if she knows about this. Catch up soon!

And I hope I'm still not too late to say this, may you'll have a great year ahead and start some new fresh resolutions for this year and be a better person you would ever dream to be. For those who think 2017 had been a tough year, just smile that you made it! A person you are now may be partly due to what happened in the past. Let's strive to make a wonderful year ahead and in order to do so, we must start somewhere. Happy New Year!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Being away.

Hey there.

I don't know whether I am being so self-centered or not. But, I seem to enjoy writing on my blog even with the fact that nobody will ever read. But what to do.. I love writing! It's just that I've been busy with university stuff. Speaking of university, whoever said degree life is not going to be hectic, surrender yourself! Because it really is. Half of me is struggling with this current life I'm living. I mean, I am grateful for this blessing to study here but I get tired easily nowadays. Despite the jetlag I was suffering the other day, I slept early at around 8 pm. But, I'm recovering now hehe. 

Back to the business, I am so happy here. Not gonna lie that being a minority group here (being a Malaysian) is hard. I tend to force myself to squeeze in the group of local people here because if not, they're not going to talk to you the day after that. I gotta try to have a topic of the conversation. Once it's ended due to my awkward response, I have to be fast enough to divert into another topic. Man, buying birthday presents for my family are not this hard okay. But, you know there's always a silver lining about this. This has taught me to be true and be brave enough to say Hi and introduce myself. Instead of being silent and not knowing what to talk about, I just need to break the silence and just ask questions as simple as "how's your day going?". Yep, because they keep asking me that question every time we come across each other so why not? Hehe. But a simple act of kindness may create something huge right. Also, living in a student accommodation there are lots of local students here and they seem really nice and accepting. But being an Asian as I am, I tend to do everything by myself. I don't know why maybe it's just me being so multi-tasking so I prefer doing everything at a time and alone. I enjoy socializing and engaging with people but sometimes you just need a me time. If you get me, come and give me a virtual hug. 

Regarding my family, even since I'm here, my mother never fails to ask about me and my day. Facetime, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. You name it - she uses every social media to engage with me. This is why I love Internet! Haha my mother is busted. Now I realize that being thousands miles away from your family, you're just making your family miss you even more and everything makes me teary when I first got here. My first phone call with Mum also made me shed tears because she wanted to sleep already. Different timezone really sucks. Also, writing a birthday speech for her made me cry. And then, I noticed that my father didn't even hug me for so long on the day I left - literally only 3 seconds. He was being strong as he always is, we assumed. But, I could see that he just wanted me to see how strong he was and let me be stronger. Put aside all the ego, he's being a gem even more after I left. He's always home compared to before. He's good at buying groceries and fruits when Mum's not around. He basically continues what I always do at home minus being sleepy at all times part. My brothers always gives my mum a company whenever she needs one without any sigh or complaints even for a small reason. Somehow, I feel that my departure brings everyone together.

Talking about E, he's doing just fine there in Sheffield. OK, people say it's not a valid long distance relationship if you're in the same country. But 300 miles away from each other is a long distance already! As usual, we keep our conversations simple and minimal because both of us have assignment and work to do in a day. I love us being like this, know our priorities and which should come first. Hopefully, we get to reunite in December during winter break. Overall, I love being here in Bristol. I tend to make a lot of self-development and also develop my cooking skills - okay, gotta talk more about this later. I also have some Malaysian friends here and also make me accompanied during weekends - so, don't worry guys I still have my social life to run.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Miracles do happen.

Dear readers

I have good news, Praise be to Allah. 

In previous posts, I told you guys that I was going to sit for A-Levels examination. And it has been almost 3 months that I've waited for the results to be announced.

Praise be to Allah. They sent us the results already on 10th of August. I am really satisfied with the results. All my hard work has been paid off. I never thought I would achieve it and I am still clueless what did I do to deserve this. All the sweats, tears, hearts and souls I've been putting while studying, I can finally say that I'm done with A-Levels. 

Praise be to Allah. Final university offer has been announced today. Also, I received good news again. InsyaAllah, I am going to enroll in University of Bristol soon. I couldn't be more grateful to have such good support system like my beloved family and friends. They are a part of my life and I love them so much! Remind me if I ever forget that one day - maybe I will if my brothers start to misbehave. They can be really mean and ignorant sometimes, I hate it. I can't imagine meeting new people like them, I will slap them if I have to - no, I don't have the courage

As for my placement in the university, InsyaAllah I will be flying off to the UK in September. Haha, it's funny how very little my readers will read this. But never mind, just gonna state it here just in case I forget haha. Anyway, I will update soon for the details. 

The sad part about flying off, you don't get to meet your family and close friends as often as you do now. Even on the first day I enrolled in my college 2 years ago, I actually cried when my parents waved me good byes and drove away. Soon, they will see me walking away and the moment I pass through that X-ray section for our hand luggage, that will be the last time they ever see me unless if they are excited enough to chase me at the hallway upstairs - because that's what I always do when sending off my friend at the airport haha. Despite the excitement to further my studies abroad, I feel quite sad to leave everything behind. Come on, we only get to bring a 30 kg luggage with us - I start to picture myself squeezing the clothes for usual days and in preparation for winter season. Not only that, E will be enrolling in a university 180 miles away from me. I know you guys would probably think that it's not as far as being away from my family in Malaysia. But, 4 hours journey by the train is not a joke man. We will probably just wait till the day we come back to Malaysia for break.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Either ups or downs;

You never come during both.